Media Archaeology of Boston

Media Archaeology of Boston


Using the Boston region as a laboratory for exploring different modes of urban representation across both history and media, A Media Archaeology of Boston exhibits a carefully-selected excavation of the city’s spaces through a montage of short films, photographs, postcards, and soundscapes of the larger metropolitan area. Far from a comprehensive survey, A Media Archaeology of Boston aims to provoke new experiences of the city and, simultaneously, to challenge everyday perceptions of it.

The experimental DVD packaging folds from a traditional size booklet to a 28”x30” sheet. It proposes alternate ways of experiencing the content and supplemental information though the overlaying of mapped media and space. This project was commissioned by the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Documentary Educational Resources and can be purchased here. Location: Boston, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Art Direction: Ben Gaydos, Karen Stein

Collaborators: Jesse Shapins, Olga Touloumi

Mediums: Design, Film, Interaction, Print