Home Sweet Home: A Micro Apartment Mock-up

Home Sweet Home:
A Micro Apartment Mockup


Gerding Edlen and Kortenhaus asked us to design a ‘blueprint’ of the new micro-apartments that they were developing at 315 on A Street for a ground breaking ceremony in the Seaport District in Boston, MA.. We created a space resembling architect’s blueprint so that people could step into the “space” and walk into different rooms. To add dimension to a flat space, we included ‘isometric’ typography. We created an engaging, fun, space, made entirely out of tape. The installation was for a ground-breaking ceremony in the For Point District in Boston, MA. Photography by Allan Dines. This was a project conceived of, developed, and executed in three days with the help of Phil Pham, Katie Magee, & Nathan Hass.

Location: Boston, MA

Art Direction: Karen Stein

Collaborators: Nathan Hass, Katie Magee, & Phil Pham

Mediums: Environmental, Public Art