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Hearing Modernity Website


goodgood was asked by the Harvard University Department of Music to design the identity system, promotional materials and web and mobile site for the innovative 2013/14 John E. Sawyer seminar “Hearing Modernity” which explores the world of sound studies.

In the last few years, sound studies has turned the humanities on its ear. Situated at the crossroads of traditional music studies, media studies, philosophy, literature, cultural anthropology, sociology, technology studies, ecology, and the natural sciences, the fledgling field of sound studies has in recent years become a key area of interest for many students and scholars. By engaging with these multiple disciplinary conversations, it explodes the traditional domain of music studies and opens up the terrain for a wider cross-disciplinary discussion.

Our role was to create a dynamic multi-modal web experience, pushing the auditory nature of the content to the forefront, while providing alternative means to access the information (video, image and text).

Location: Cambridge, MA

Art Direction: Ben Gaydos

Mediums: Branding, Web

Collaborators: Jesse Marple, Matt White

Hearing Modernity