Design Project 1

Due 2/8 / Meeting back at Ryder / 1:30pm, Friday

For Friday, we’ll have a more intense design review.

Please bring printed full size (11x17) printouts of your 4 “Report on Graphic Designer” Plates, including all written descriptions corrected, all pages for a final review.

Also, please bring 4 initial pages of your “Why I am a Designer Catalogue”. The size of your catalogue is up to you. Just as a reminder: This publication will have a collection of 12–15 subjects/objects/people that help to explain why you are a designer. The 12–15 will include: 2 examples of design from different designers, 2 specific art examples from the MFA, Gardner Museum, or ICA and 8–11 other things: that you collect, examples from other art and design disciplines, etc (we will brainstorm this in class). No family members as subjects, please!

Each of the subjects/objects will have an image accompanied by a text (250–500 words) that you will write 1. what the thing is, what it does, who made it, for whom/why it was made, etc., and 

2. the connection to you, why it is important to you as a designer. 

Please include an Introduction page at the beginning of the catalogue (250–500 words),
your name, NEU 2019

Size & format: 5½ x 8½ page minimum size, 11 x 17 page maximum size, vertical or horizontal. Binding: wiro, spiral, sewn, staple?

We’ll also discuss Binding options.

Karen Stein