Design Project 1

Due 2/22

Plan on bringing your computer to class as we will have a working session in class as well as individual design reviews. 

OK, so everyone’s design directions look great for you "Why I am a Designer" catalogue. Now you have to implement!

As noted in class, for Friday:

  1. Bring in a cover and at least 3 fully flushed out spreads including copy for your Why I am a Designer catalogue. These designs should be printed full size for review.

  2. Also, bring in a binding dummy (it can be paper only) for your catalogue.

We’ll also start doing some brainstorming for your degree project! What is possible?
And we’ll have a discussion about Craft!

The three paper resources I mentioned in class can be found on the resource page here: (look for French Paper company (online) and Papersource and Paperworks that have storefronts in Boston!)

Let me know if you have any questions.
Best regards,

Karen Stein