Design Project 1

Week 3: Meeting at the ICA at 2:30 on Friday

For Friday, we’ll be meeting at the ICA at 2:30pm.

  1. Print initial sketches of your 4 Plates focused around your chosen designer. We’ll find a spot at the ICA and do a design review. Design a set of four 11 x 17 pages, each with 500 words of text & captions, and image(s), your name, NEU 2019:

    • Plate 1 will discuss how the designer was trained – education, mentors, influences, other connections and interests.

    • Plates 2–3 will each feature a project by this designer with text that explains goals, idea,
      media, process, and other information.

    • Plate 4 will discuss how this designer and her/his work relates to you and your interests.

  2. Additionally, please create a preliminary list of subjects for your catalogue about “Why you are a designer?” I’d ask that your list be at least started in a spot where you can sit quietly and think about your work, your influences and the question of “Why you are a designer?”

    What collected things/people/works/experiences have made you a designer. In the end, this publication will have a collection of 12–15 subjects/objects/people that help to explain why you are a designer. The 12–15 will include: 2 examples of design from different designers, 2 specific art examples from the MFA, Gardner Museum, or ICA and 8–11 other things: that you collect, examples from other art and design disciplines, etc. No family members as subjects, please! Here are some reasons why folks collect from a general perspective.

  3. Finally, please respond to the essay I handed out this week. This is the last response of the semester. (it’s ok if you agree more than you disagree!)

    See you at the ICA! I’ll send out a reminder!

Karen Stein