Design Project 1

Week 2: Silvia & the Situationists

For Week 2, Silvia’s presentation is rescheduled for the first part of the class.

Due this Friday:

  • We’ll also be discussing the second article by Veronique Vienne entitled The Spectacle: A Reevaulation of the Situationist Thesis. Please respond to the article: write a response with your opinion of the ideas expressed by the authors. Response should have 3 parts: agreement, disagreement, and your additional thoughts. Your response should be a minimum of 1,000 words; printed and read to hand in. Be prepared to discuss your findings.

  • Choose the designer you’ll be focusing on for your report on a Graphic Designer and create a rough draft of the copy you’ll incorporate into the design. (Text only/not designed; printed on 8.5x11” page).

Finally, we’ll have a short discussion about Project C and Things We Collect.

Here is a digital version of Veronique’s article.

Also, if you are deciding on a designer, here is a list of design resources that includes a list of contemporary designers, but you' aren’t limited to these designers.

Just as a reminder, here are the details that should be included in your Report on a Graphic Designer:

Project B  |  Report on Graphic Designer
Choose a contemporary designer whose work you admire – someone you can meet, e-mail, or read about their work. Design a set of four 11 x 17 pages, each with 500 words of text & captions, and image(s), your name, NEU 2019:

Plate 1 will discuss how the designer was trained – education, mentors, influences, other connections and interests.

Plates 2–3 will each feature a project by this designer with text that explains goals, idea, media, process, and other information.

Plate 4 will discuss how this designer and her/his work relates to you and your interests. Show examples.

Karen Stein