Pirates & Cheerleaders in Flint!

Work by goodgood co-founder, Ben Gaydos, along with collaborations with friends, colleagues and students will be on display in Flint, Michigan until 9/18, with a reception this Friday 6-8pm!

Pirates & Cheerleaders! Adventures in Place-Based Design collects 10 years of design practice and pedagogy by Ben Gaydos, (Assistant Professor of Design, University of Michigan – Flint). The work grew out of Gaydos’ research in anthropology and design, adapting ethnographic techniques such as participant observation, collaboration/co-creation, multivocal representation and reflexivity to the design process. The collaborative projects in this exhibition span the globe, but are primarily focused on 3 locales: Boston, where Gaydos co-founded the interdisciplinary design studio, goodgood (, Detroit, where he lives and works, and Flint, where he directs D&SIGN STUDIO

Karen Stein